How to Join Buzz Team

Want to Apply ?  Follow these 6 steps...

1) Register an account at®.  Create your Screen Name for the Better Sex Network on that application.

Create a username


2) Buy one or more products on®.

3) Read our review guidelines and BuzzTeam™ policies.

4) Submit at least two product reviews on®, using the same username you chose for your Network Screen Name during Step #1.

Write a review


5) You will receive an email for each review that is accepted and posted on the site.  Once you have received two emails…

email acceptance


6) Log back into your®/ account, and—while logged in—apply for BuzzTeam™ membership.  You will need to cut-and-paste the urls from the product pages where two of your accepted reviews are posted.



Membership Is Earned
The Better Sex Buzz Team is an exclusive club with limited membership. All new applicants must have an account with, have made at least one purchase and completed two reviews as part of their application. Membership is earned by completing the base requirements and by the quality of your submissions, it is not automatic. "Quality" is defined as well as we can in our Review Guidelines. We also know it when we read it. The purpose of the Better Sex Buzz Team is to create powerful resources within our community. Members are provided special discounts to reward customer dedication. Regular purchasing from while not required is highly valued and a clear sign of community involvement and support.

You’ve Earned Buzz Team Membership…Now What?
Initially Buzz Team Members may request one free product at a time from our monthly sample list. These lists usually hold 30+ different products, updated monthly. Sample requests work on a Netflix-style model. You will receive your next product per each review returned. Once you have completed 20 reviews that meet our standards, defined in the Review Guidelines, AND consistently return reviews within 2 months you may request up to two samples at a time.

We strive to allow participation from all walks of life. We have created a table so you can understand what is expected at each level of membership.

Level 1 All Members Start Here
1 Free Product at a Time from Level 1 Sample List
Reviews Required within 3 Months
$5 Off Orders + $5 Standard Shipping
Buzz Team Members graduate to Buzz Team after 10 reviews including their application reviews
10% Off Orders + Free Standard Shipping at $45
Members may request products from any sample list except for VIP
2 Samples Members may request up to 2 products at a time after 20 reviews (that meet Review Guidelines) are submitted
Members must consistently return at least 1 review within 2 months or they will be downgraded to 1 sample out at a time
25% Off Orders

Requests for Free Stuff
Once you have received Buzz Team Membership, you will receive a welcome letter by email that will fully detail how to request your product reviews. It is recommended that all new members read through membership and review guidelines before requesting their first product samples for review as all members are held to these standards.

How to Request a Sample

Review Verifications
All members must return email verifications of reviews to reviews at Once you complete a review, please review the Buzz Team Sample Selection page and simply add your selection(s) to your cart and complete checkout. You will not be asked for any credit card or payment information, just your shipping address. Once complete, the order ticket will be emailed to a Buzz Team Administrator who will add your order to the next scheduled shipment (more details below).

Shipment Schedule
Buzz Team samples ship every Tuesday and Friday. All requests for Tuesday shipment must be in by close of business Monday (5pm EST). All requests for Friday shipment must be in by close of business Thursday (5pm EST). Samples are shipped via USPS and may be shipped to PO Boxes. Shipment confirmation emails will be provided but tracking of packages will not as is standard with USPS. On occasion, due to the newness of the product, we will ship them from our corporate office rather than from stock at our warehouse. In these cases, items will ship via UPS (and cannot be shipped to PO Boxes), items that meet this criteria are detailed on the page. If a member orders products that ships USPS and UPS, each product will arrive in a separate package and likely at different times depending on your location so keep that in mind when making your selection(s).

Please include ALL requests in a single shipment. Please do not request one product for the Tuesday shipment and another for the Friday shipment. If you anticipate reviewing two samples within short succession of one another, please wait until the second review has been submitted before placing sample requests. If a member continuously forces shipments twice a week, administration will start holding their shipments for a full week to ensure that all requests will be completed. Administration wishes to avoid shipping samples to the same member twice weekly as it is resource consuming and easily avoided.