Ice Sex Toys - Are They Right For You?

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This is my first time reviewing a product for Better Sex, I hope you find it helpful.

When I first received the Touché Ice Massager in the mail, I was beyond excited and within moments I had it in the freezer. Setting it up couldn't have been easier. The silicone base comfortably encases the top portion and stands up very well, so I was able to just set it and forget it for a bit. Once we were ready to give it a go, we pulled the top from the base, reinserted the vibrating bullet (holy power!) and got down to business.

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I must now admit now that the ice is WAY too cold to be used on my girl parts. Totally distracting and painful if left too long. My husband would say this was a good thing, because he got to use an alternate entrance that was perfectly fine with the seriously cold stimulation. It's fun for temperature foreplay in other regions as well.

Another strange thing about this toy is that the bullet doesn't turn off. I liked that it had so many different vibrational patterns to choose from, but wish one of the single-button options was to stop the pulsing all together. The only way you can shut it off is to twist the bullet, which requires pulling it out from the egg -- not an easy task when the ice is on the other end.

Overall, I'm pleased with the Touché Ice Massager. There are a few things I would improve, but for the retail price, it's definitely a steal if you're into temperature play.

Photo from the manufacture: Touché

HS Sweetheart's picture
Submitted by HS Sweetheart on Mon, 2010-08-09 09:28.

We love temperature play toys. We like putting glass toys in ice and then warm water, sucking on ice during oral play, etc.

This one seems right up our alley. Thanks for the review!

Puss N Boots's picture
Submitted by Puss N Boots on Fri, 2010-08-06 16:02.

This sounds like so much fun!  I can't wait to try the Touche ice massager but I'm with you on the "off" option.  Too bad that doesn't seem to have been included....