Vibrators for Plus Sized Women

by Better Sex Blog Squad

Evolved Bendable You Too

Being plus sized has its share of challenges.  When it comes to sex toys sometimes they can be difficult to use if your body gets in the way.  From being unable to get into certain positions to simply having difficulty reaching your vagina the use of sex toys when you’re a plus sized women can be challenging.  However, there are many vibrators which are shaped ergonomically and thus they are easier to use to reach the vagina, labia and clitoris.

G-Spot Delight

This classic vibrator is typically billed as a g-spot vibrator.  With it’s 7″ long shaft and the curved head this vibrator is also very conveniently shaped to reach over and around thicker body parts to reach the clitoris.  The bulbous head is 1 1/2″ thick and thus would fit nicely in the labia to stimulate the clitoris.

Hitachi Magic Wand

With it’s iconic size, shape and name the Hitachi is a vibrator many bill as a “must have.”  The Hitachi is an incredible 12″ long with 6′ worth of cord.  The power provided in the head can not only massage muscles but travel through thick labia to stimulate the clitoris.  Also, the Hitachi has several attachments available to vary the stimulations and sensations.  The length of this vibrator is excellent to reach places hard to find otherwise due to body size and shape.  Also the vibrations travel well through the body.

Evolved You Too

The You Too is a very unique toy by Evolved.  This is a toy on a remote control, though it is corded.  The vibrator itself is about 8.5″ long.  The cord is about 3 feet long.  The vibrator can bend into any shape and has a quiet, powerful motor on either end.  It is also fully waterproof.  The control pack is splash proof, so it is safe to use in the bath tub with the control pack held out of the water.  The great thing about the You Too is that you can shape the toy into whatever form you need to reach your labia, clitoris or vagina.

Photo By: Better Sex ( Evolved Bendable You Too )

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