Great Sex Positions to Try in Public

by Better Sex Blog Squad

One of the most popular sexual fantasies that men and women have is having sex in public. The naughty, the tantalizing, the erotic – it all comes together when you have sex in public with your partner.

Now, having sex in public can be illegal in many places so be careful! However, if you find the ideal location to have sex, here are some of the best sex positions to use in public, depending on your environment:

Out in the woods? Be a tree hugger! Have the female grab a tree and hang on tight as the male enters her from behind. Be sure to grab some great lube and then both of you can get comfortable, enjoying the scenery. Grab a tree that isn’t scratchy and make sure there’s no poison ivy nearby. You want to have an awesome orgasmic experience, but you don’t want to deal with any itchy consequences later on!

Beach Lovers

Beach Lovers

At the beach or a secluded park bench? Grab a blanket. You can wrap yourselves together and lie down like two pigs in a blanket. Try not to scream with joy since you’ll be in public (and half the erotic tension is in staying quiet!) Added bonus: the blanket will make you nice and sweaty for a smoother ride.

Another easy position for sitting on the secluded park bench is the obvious choice of having her sit in your lap (she’ll need to be dressed for the occasion – skirt, perhaps?) Try moving slowly, carefully to prevent having other people notice what you two are up to! The building excitement can be thrilling and give you intense orgasms.

Going camping? You have better chances of having sex in the open without being caught – while still having the potential thrill of being in public. Spread out a blanket and have the man lie down. She can straddle the male partner and help to “pitch his tent” together!

While having sex in public is illegal in many places, it can add excitement to your sex life. It can bring you closer together as a couple since you’ll be fulfilling a hot sexual fantasy, but also give you an us-against-the-world feeling!

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